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Tent Services

Tents are more than shelter from sun and rain; they evoke celebration and positive vibes. Tents are a blank canvas that can be transformed into something unique, whether your event is casual or elegant. Every event is unique, so we recommend consultation with an Event Essentials tent specialist to make sure you get the right size, dimension and type of tent.Tent layout

Our experts guide you through the best event layouts, including the arrangement of tables, chairs, dance floors, bars, riser platforms, entrances, exits, tent poles, and buffet and service tables, to help you visualize your event.

We also provide elegant tent liners, lighting, sidewalls, heaters, fans and floors, so when the sun goes down, the transition from daylight to evening is handled gracefully to maintain functionality and ambiance.

Event Essentials provides an assortment of tent styles for every event. From frame tent rentals and pole tent rentals to sailcloth tent rentals, Event Essentials has all the styles you need. Contact a tent specialist to discuss your event.

Pole Tent Rentals

Our most popular tent option, pole tents use ropes, side poles and center poles to support the top. Pole tents are often modular and use connected sections to build a tent of almost any size. Pole tents can be used on grass, gravel, or asphalt.

Pole tents
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Frame Tent Rentals

Frame tents have tops that are supported by an aluminum frame and do not use center poles. This allows for an open area unencumbered by center poles.

Event Essentials carries a variety of frame tent rentals available to suit your specific needs. Please contact one of our sales professionals to discuss how our frame tents can make your event a success.

Frame tent rentals

Event Essentials carries a variety of frame tent rentals available to suit your specific needs. Please contact one of our sales professionals to discuss how our frame tents can make your event a success.

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Sailcloth Tent Rentals

Named after the regal sails of the sea, sailcloth tents create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. These rounded tents are constructed with durable, waterproof sailcloth material, which is shaped into nautical peaks. The fabric is translucent, capturing natural light and emanating the magical glow of tent lighting. Interested in the ultimate tent option for your event? Contact us for more information.

Sailcloth tents
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Other Tent Rentals and Accessories

Tent sidewall rentals are the perfect addition to your event to ensure that your guests stay dry, comfortable, and out of the unpredictable elements.

Our tent experts at Event Essentials will make sidewall recommendations during the tent planning process based on the time of year, tent size, venue location and other details about your event.

Types and sizes of sidewall vary. Please check with a tent specialist to determine the best options and how much sidewall may be required. Most installed tents include some sidewall.

For more information regarding specific sidewall questions, please contact an Event Essentials expert.

Event Flooring

Event Essentials has a variety of indoor and outdoor event flooring that can be set up on grass, concrete, asphalt, or dirt to make your event space guest-friendly! We offer flooring rentals to make the perfect dance floor, as well as tent flooring that will transform an entire tent space.

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Tent Liner Rentals

Adding a tent liner to the ceiling and sides of your tent will add an elegant look for wedding tents and formal events. Liners also make a great backdrop for a ceremony or head table! In addition to the liner, we can add LED lighting and pole lighting to illuminate the flowing fabric, creating a dramatic effect!

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Tent Lighting Rentals

From café string lights to LED lighting fixtures to chandeliers, Event Essentials carries a large assortment of tent lighting rentals that will transform your tent into a unique and dramatic event that is sure to be remembered.

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Heating and Cooling Rentals

Depending on the time of year, you may need to rent heaters or fans to give your tent space the ideal comfort level for your guests. Event Essentials carries a wide range of fans and heaters from small pedestal fans to high-velocity fans, and small patio heaters to industrial size heaters. Our event specialists will make recommendations for you based on the time of year, tent size and other specifics about your event.

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